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A Typical Reading Recovery Lesson


What Does My Child Do In Reading Recovery Lessons?


FLUENT WRITING PRACTICE--Before the lesson begins, the student gets to write some words on the dry-erase board.  He is learning to write high-frequency words as fast as he can so that he can write them in his stories without thinking about each letter.

FLUENT SIGHT WORD READING--Often the child is able to practice reading known sight word cards in random order as quickly as he can.   This helps make reading in a book easier because he doesn't have to spend so much time trying to figure out high-frequency words and can spend more time thinking about what is happening in the story.

REREAD FAMILIAR BOOKS--The student gets to reread many easy books.  He often chooses his favorite stories that he has read before.  These books are supposed to be easy for the child so that he can practice reading it like a story and using a "talking voice".  The teacher will give help when needed.

TAKING A RUNNING RECORD--Now it is time for the student to read a book all the way through without any help from the teacher.  This book was first introduced and read the previous day with help from the teacher, so it is not a new book for the child.  This is when the child uses the reading strategies that he has been taught all by himself and reads independently.

LETTER IDENTIFICATION and WORD ANALYSIS--A short amount of time is given to recognizing different groups of letters and how letters look alike and different. Also he will use magnetic letters to make words to see large chunks in words and how words families are made.

WRITING A STORY--Every day the student gets to think up his own sentence or sentences to write in his writing journal. The teacher helps him figure out how to write some of the words and soon he will be able to write many words on his own.  He will learn to use sound boxes with the teacher's help to hear and then write the sounds in words.  When the sentence is finished the child will read the sentence by himself while the teacher writes it down on a long strip of paper.  Next the teacher will cut the story up so that he can put it back together.  This is the cut-up story that he will bring home each night to show you and practice putting together again.

NEW BOOK INTRODUCTION--The teacher picks out a new book especially for the student and tells him what the story is about before it is even read.  The teacher and child also look at all the pictures and thinks about what the people or animals might say.  The teacher also helps the child with some new, important words in the new story.  

STUDENT ATTEMPTS NEW BOOK--By now the child is well prepared to attempt the reading of the new book.  When he comes to a hard part, the teacher will ask questions to guide him what to try, or the teacher may show him what he could try.  The teacher is trying to teach the child to learn to do all the things that good readers do.  Sometimes if needed, the child has time to read the book again during the lesson.  

Now it is time to choose familiar books to take home in the bookbag to practice at home.

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