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Library Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

Our 2nd - 4th grade students are on a flexible library schedule. This means these students are able to visit the library as needed, with teacher permission. Students are allowed to have up to 2 books checked out at a time. Kinder and first grade students will visit the library each week with their rotation class. They are allowed to check out 1 book.

Books from the EVERYBODY section (picture books) should be checked out for no longer than 1 week. FICTION books (chapter books) should be kept for no longer than two weeks. If a student needs more time with a given chapter book, they may renew it. No fines are charged when an overdue book is returned to the library, however, if books can not be found parents/gaurdians will need to pay for the lost books so that they can be replaced. If necessary, students can make payments until there is no longer a balance owed. While payments are being made, students can continue to check out one book.



Help take care of our library resources!

Things to Remember:

1.  Books should be kept in student backpacks until they are ready to read them.

2.  After students finish reading their books, they should immediately be returned to backpacks.

3. Books should be kept away from pets and younger siblings.

4. Drinks that have been opened or could leak should never be placed inside backpacks with books.