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WildCAMP 2022

As part of the Public Health Guidance, school systems are required to provide parents a notice of their public education enrollment and attendance rights and responsibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. This Education Rights and Responsibilities document is now available in English and Spanish.


Como parte de la Guía de salud pública, los sistemas escolares deben proporcionar a los padres un aviso de sus derechos y responsabilidades de inscripción y asistencia a la educación pública durante la pandemia de COVID-19. Este documento de Derechos y Responsabilidades de la Educación ahora está disponible en inglés y español.


We are located in Paris, Texas and are part of the Paris Independent School District.  Justiss has approximately 500 students in grades K through 4.  Our school believes in "Learning for All Whatever it Takes."  That's why we have a number of programs to meet the individual needs of each student.  Justiss has a wonderful staff committed to the students, parents, and community.  Each day is a day awaiting new learning and exploration.

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