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Daily Schedule



What is a daily Take Flight lesson like?


Each session of Take Flight includes 12 different multi-sensory activities, which lead to skill mastery.  The two to ten minute activities take into consideration the short attention span of many students. The daily schedule of activities includes:



(3 min)


Alphabet study and practice leading to dictionary skills.

Reading Decks

(2 min)


Reinforcement activity to identify and instantly name each grapheme and translate it into speech sounds.

Multisensory Introduction of a new letter

(10 min)


Letter and letters clusters are introduced for reading.  Reading, writing, and spelling through six multi-sensory linkages.

Handwriting Practice

(5 min)

Cursive writing is used throughout the program.  Emphasis is on naming the letter before writing.

Code and Read Practice

(5 min)

Apply the codes for accuracy, fluency and comprehension.

Instant Words

(2 min)

Recognizing the most frequently used words in the English language based on the research of Edward Fry.


(5 min)         

Repeated Automatic Practice of letter names, sounds and uses in words.


(10-15 min)

Not used until the first 40 instant words  have been practiced- to build rate and prosody.  Students follow a repeated reading schedule that introduces the same words in isolation, then phrase and finally, in stories.

Instant Spelling Deck

(5-7 min)

Reinforcement activity to translate each speech sound instantly into the letter that most often represents it.

Phonemic Awareness

(5-10 min)   

Following established procedures for explicitly teaching the relationships between speech-sound production and spelling-sound patterns.

Spelling Practice

(10-15 min)

Supports student’s application of sound-symbol relationships learned through the phonemic awareness activities as well as instant spelling deck practice.

(words and dictation)

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