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Daily Schedule

Mrs. Risinger’s Class Schedule

7:20-7:35     Start the day with morning work on Chromebooks. Morning Work

7:35-7:45     Pledge, Moment of Silence, and Announcements

7:45-7:50     Wise Owl Word

7:50-8:00    Review morning work or Word Problem of the Day

8:00-8:20   Science Lesson

8:20-8:50    Math Journal

8:50-9:40    Rotation

9:40-9:45     Snack and Morning Meeting Slide

9:45-10:30    Whole Group Lesson/Independent Work

10:30-11:00   Stations

11:00-11:10    Clean up/Bathroom Break and Switch Classes 

11:15-11:30     Morning Work/Bellwork and Word Problem of the Day

11:30-11:50     Science Lesson

11:50-12:10     Math Journal

12:10-12:40     Lunch

12:40-1:00       Recess

1:00-2:00         Whole Group Lesson/Independant Work

2:00-2:30         Station time/Bathroom Break.

2:30-2:35          Clean up and Switch Classes

2:35-2:40          Students get backpacks and green folders. Get ready to go home. 

2:40-2:45          Day Care and Walkers line up

2:45-3:00          Line up parent pick-up, then bus riders. 

3:00-3:30          Conference Time


Michelle Risinger

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