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How to help your child at home


How Can I Help My Child At Home? 

Skipping Snoopy 

Each day your child will bring home familiar books to read and a sentence that he/she has written.

1.  Listen to your child read all the familiar books from his bookbag. Books may be sent home more than once for extra reading practice.

2.  Take the envelope from the bag and listen to your child read the complete sentence that the teacher has printed across the top. Watch your child put the cut-up sentence pieces back in the correct order.  He/she may do this with or without the envelope as a guide. Have your child read the sentence back to you once it is in the correct order.  Remember to leave space between each word when putting the sentence puzzle in order.

3.  Recogize your child's successes--no matter how small--and encourage him/her to try hard and work to the best of his/her ability.