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Lesson Plans

January 8-15

Kindergarten: We will be exploring and reviewing the alphabet and letter sounds through music. We will be playing a variation of musical chairs called Chicka Chicka March where students will have to find a coconut when the music stops, say the letter sound and a word that starts with that letter. We will also complete an activity called AC Adventures where the class will write rhyming couplets together using food words that start with each letter of the alphabet and go to the musical beat. In the end, we will make a class book using all of our pages. 

1st  Students will learn and explore boomwhackers. We will discuss musical notes and how they all make different sounds. We will match musical notes to the boomwhacker colors and learn to play Mary Had a Little Lamb and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. 


2nd   We are working on our program called, “Put A Little Love In Your Heart” 


3rd – We will read “Max Found Two Sticks.” Then, students will learn about rhythm sticks/drumsticks. They will echo patterns of 4 and 8 counts, learn proper handling and form. Students will then begin to write their own pieces. 


4th –  Classes will dig in and explore the history of African American music of spirituals, blues, jazz, and gospel. We will learn about the meanings, the evolution of the music, and a few prominent figures who helped shape the way. Then, we will put together a little black history music program to be performed for the school in February.