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Mrs. Chesshire's Campout Rules

Mrs. Chesshire’s Classroom Expectations and Consequences
*UPDATED April 8, 2018*

Classroom Expectations:

1.) Listen when your teacher/speaker is talking.
2.) Follow directions when they are given the first time.

3.) Take care of our school and classroom.
4.) Give 100% effort.
5.) Treat others with kindness and respect.


Every student’s clip starts on Green, “Ready to Learn”.
If a child disrupts or misbehaves he/she will move her clip down.

1st offense: Yellow -verbal warning.
2nd offense: Orange -teacher’s choice- time out and/or walk 5 minutes of recess.Behavior is marked off in Discipline Binder and points begin to be deducted from Citizenship grade)
3rd offense: Red - Parent Contact and/or strike in folder. Walk 10 mins of recess. When a child receives 4 strikes, they will be referred to In School Suspension or corporal punishment. Citizenship grade deducted.

*Please remind your child that citizenship grades are just as important as academic grades. If a child fails to maintain a citizenship grade A- or higher, they will not be eligible for A Honor Roll awards.

Severe Behavior:

Any severe behavior, as listed in the Paris ISD Code of Conduct, will result in an immediate office visit. Also, in the event that a student is disruptive or insubordinate to a degree that causes the teacher to be unable to teach and prohibits other students from focusing or learning will result in steps of the discipline plan to be omitted.

Positive Behavior:

Students are rewarded for good behavior throughout the day. When I see a child going above and beyond to be a great classmate and student they will move their clip up to the following colors:

Pink: Excellent!

Purple: Great job!    

Blue: Good choices

Green: Ready to Learn   <---- Every student starts here each day.


Pink, a chance at Treasure Box. 

Purple- Stinky feet! Take off your shoes in the classroom.

Blue- Sticker!

*Your child knows that once they move their clip down, it is possible to move their clip back up by making better choices.

*Your child’s daily folder will be marked with the corresponding color that they were on at the end of the day.

*Please initial the date every day so that I know that you have viewed the folder.

I have read and understand the classroom Discipline Plan for my child.

Student’s name:__________________________________

Parent (Guardian)’s signature: _________________________________

Comments:______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________


Download the form here: Mrs. Chesshire's Classroom Expectations & Consequences