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Lesson Plans


EasterLesson Plans for Rotation:Easter

March 10th-March 27th 



Kindergarten  Loud & Soft: Identify and compare loud and soft sounds in a musical piece. Describe the difference between loud and soft in a song from a diverse culture. Demonstrate movements that accurately reflect loud & soft.  

1st Grade – Tempo: Explain the meaning of tempo. Describe slow, medium, and fast tempos. Sing a traditional song about Texas using different tempos.

2nd Grade Dynamics: Recall the meaning of forte and piano. Define “issimo”. Use music terminology to explain and define Dynamics.  

3rd Grade Woodwinds and Introduction to Recorder: Define and classify the woodwind family in the orchestra. Introduce the recorder and review note names and placements.


4th Grade– The Romantic Period & The Baroque Period. Recognize the most notable composers from each period. Recall the orchestras by their sizes, sounds, and features.