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Daily Schedule

Kelley Daily Schedule


7:30-8:00 Morning work, announcements, pledge

8:00-8:30 I & E/ Kelley’s Class

8:30- 9:00 Computer/Kelley’s Class

 Thursday Library from 9:00-9:20/ Kelley’s Class 

9:00-10:25 Math/ Social Studies/Science Instruction

10:25-10:45 Recess

10:50 Switch classes with Ibarra

10:55-11:10 Math Instruction with Ibarra’s Class

11:10-11:40 Lunch

11:40-12:10 Calendar/Math Instruction with Ibarra’s Class

12:10-1:00 Rotation 

1:00- 1:30 Math Instruction with Ibarra’s Class 

1:30-2:00 I & E/Ibarra’s Class 

2:00-2:30 Math/Social Studies/Science Instruction with Ibarra’s class

2:30-2:50 Social Studies/STEM Bins

2:40 Aikin Students Dismiss

2:50-3:00 Prepare for Dismissal




Looking Ahead

August – Meet the Teacher

August- Back to School Bash

August 15th- 1st Day of Instruction

September 2nd- Labor Day Holiday/No School

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