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Daily Schedule

Kelley Daily Schedule



7:20-7:35 Breakfast

7:35-8:00 Morning work/Math instruction

8:00- Switch classes with Ibarra

8:00-9:00 Calendar/ Question of the Day/ I & E with Ibarra’s Class

9:00-9:20 Recess

9:20- 10:30 Math/ Social Studies/Science Instruction/ Announcements daily @ 9:45

9:50-10:30 Math/Science/Social Studies with Ibarra’s class

10:30 Switch classes back to Kelley’s class

10:30-11:00 Math/ Science/ Social Studies with Kelley’s Class

11:05-11:35 Lunch

11:35-12:15 Calendar/ Question of the Day/Math Instruction with Kelley’s Class

12:15-1:05 Rotation 

1:05- 2:30 I&E/ Math/Social Studies/Science Instruction with Kelley’s Class

2:35 Aikin bus students dismiss

2:35 Walkers and daycare

2:40 Orange and Yellow buses line up

2:45 Remaining buses dismiss

2:45 Prepare for parent pick-up


Looking Ahead

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September 8th- 1st day of Instruction